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Calling up Past Lives

Pluses and Minuses

Posted 8/11/06


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There can be many benefits in past life regression but there can also be a downside. H P Blavatsky maintained that one should not delve into past lives as a stand alone activity.


If you think that past life regression is harmless entertainment, read on:-




It may form part of inner work and spiritual development. Inner work often leads to awareness of past lives


It can relieve an underlying discontent. A problem in this life may have its roots in a previous one. Past life therapy is popular at the moment and if you really feel that you have problems caused by unfinished business from a past life then it may be worth considering.


It may satisfy curiosity some people have a burning desire to know.




It sometimes unleashes concealed trauma that is difficult to handle.


You can call in your Karmic overdraft. A bad Karmic debt incurred in a past life may become immediately payable or it may simply be difficult to live with something you have done in a past life.


A person can be drawn into a fantasy world. The life you are living now is the important one and should really be the only one you concern yourself with. No point in living in 1066 even if it is a bit more exciting than working in an office.


You may create thought forms around yourself which disrupt you present personality. This is a bit like the imprint of a previous personality gaining a hold over you.





A Positive Note


With responsible inner work and intention, information from past lives will usually not reveal itself unless the enquirer is ready for the knowledge.


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