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Change Your Philosophy

Change Your Karma

Sounds like a good deal but there’s a catch,

you may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

You may open your Karmic pipeline and find your

Karmic overdraft being called in a bit too quickly

Posted 26/12/06


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In this extract from Aphorisms on Karma, W Q Judge suggests that by making fundamental changes in oneself by embracing and practising a new philosophy, you will no longer be a suitable vehicle for the discharge of your current Karmic burden and a new class of Karma will come into play.


“Changes may occur in the instrument during one life so as to make it appropriate for a new class of Karma, and this may take place in two ways:


(a) through intensity of thought and the power of a vow, and


(b) through natural alterations due to complete exhaustion of old causes.”



On the surface this sounds like a good deal but Judge does not actually state that all your Karmic problems will be over. In fact a change in philosophy no matter how profound and sincere can in fact pull some bad stuff.


Karma can be seen a being similar to having extensive investments which one cannot access all at once, while on the other hand having a massive overdraft which you will have to pay off eventually but hopefully not all at once.


It may be that a philosophy which better equips the adherent to cope with adversity is opening a pipeline of difficult Karma thus calling in the Karmic overdraft a bit more quickly than you would hope. Of course if you are really intent on discharging your bad Karma then you may be prepared for this.


Aphorisms on Karma (Complete text)


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