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The Earth Damaged by our Thoughts

A psychometrist can read the imprint left on a physical object

by the thoughts and emotions of those who have owned

or come into contact with it. Mankind’s thoughts and

emotions also leave an imprint on our planet.

Posted 29/1/07

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This entry refers to the short story “The Skin of the Earth” by William Q Judge in which he has a vision of the subtle realms of our planet in which the work of the elemental kingdom of nature is polluted and damaged by the thoughts of mankind.


Theosophical background to the story;

Theosophy postulates that the Earth is a living being with its own consciousness, karma and subtle bodies. Earth’s consciousness is not consciousness as humans would define it and the subtle bodies or realms are not generally perceptible to us on the physical plane. Theosophy also maintains that there is no dead matter in the universe, everything has life and a level of consciousness even if we class it as mineral.

Theosophy also postulates that there are ten kingdoms of nature constituting a ladder of evolution. We are only one Kingdom and there are beings both above and below us on the evolutionary continuum.

In Descending order the kingdoms are:-


The 3 Dhyani-Chohanic Kingdoms


Dhyani-Chohan is a Sanskrit-Tibetan compound word meaning Lords of Meditation. There are 3 types of Dhyani-Chohan with several sub-divisions and they function in a hierarchy. They are comparable to the Angelic Host in Christianity


They are the intelligences which supervise the cosmos and they operate on higher planes than our physical plane.


The Human Kingdom


Theosophy makes a clear distinction between the Human and Animal kingdoms. Humans have acquired a level of consciousness and self awareness which gives them a level of self determination in both their own personal evolution and that of the Human race as a whole.


An individual Human can reach a high level of spiritual development and has a choice as to whether or not to use this to help mankind. Also, at the present time, we are aware of the damage we may be doing to our planet and that it is up to us to do something about it. Theosophy argues that these faculties simply to not exist in the Animal kingdom.


Theosophy postulates that the reason for this considerable difference is that in Humans, the three highest principles of our constitution Atma, Buddhi and Higher Mind are working together.


The Animal Kingdom


Plant or Vegetable Kingdom


The Mineral Kingdom


The Mineral is the lowest of the visible kingdoms on the evolutionary scale.


The 3 Elemental Kingdoms


There are 3 classes of Elemental at different levels of consciousness with innumerable divisions within those classes. They cannot be seen under normal circumstances but those with a psychic faculty or in an altered state of consciousness may see them.


Elementals are everywhere behind the scenes and they directly affect what goes on in the world. They cab also be manipulated by anyone who knows how to do it (Occultists, Magicians etc).


Everyone has their own personal Elementals about them and you attract and repel the various types by your attitude.




Judge’s story concerns itself mainly with the beings of the elemental kingdom which are imperceptible to us.


Just as a there is an imprint, which can be read by a psychometrist, on a physical object left by the thoughts, attitudes and emotions of those that have owned or been in contact with it, the Earth retains an imprint left by our thoughts and emotions. 

The Skin of the Earth by William Q Judge

Psychometry by William Q Judge

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