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Buy into a Group

Buy into its Karma

Posted 18/11/06

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You are born into a family or family arrangement and into a nation and however you decide to deal with it, you will have acquired the Karma of those group entities.


You do, however, have some choice about the other groups you join, support or merely associate with. You join a group and you will acquire a piece of its Karma. The level of Karma will be determined by the influence the group has over you and by your commitment of the group. Even by just passively supporting a group you will get a Karmic payback.


Annie Besant outlines the mechanics of Group Karma here:-


Extracts from A Study in Karma


Annie Besant 1917



This short extract on Group Karma is the pre-ample to the piece on Family Karma which I used in the Family Karma entry of 17/11/06


Collective Karma


We must consider what is termed Collective Karma, the complex into which are woven the results of the collective thoughts, desires and activities of groups, whether large or small. The

principles at work are the same, but the factors are far more numerous, and this multiplicity immensely increases the difficulty of understanding the effects.


The idea of considering a group as a larger individual is not alien from modern science, and such larger individuals generate karma along lines similar to those which we have been studying. A family, a nation, a race, are all but larger individuals, each having a past behind it, the creator of its present, each with a future ahead of it, now in course of creation. An ego coming into

such a larger individual must share in its general karma; his own special karma has brought him into it, and must be worked out within it, the larger karma often offering conditions which enable the smaller to act.



The associations and things which attract you during your life are Karmic as are your family etc but you still have free will and the ability to discern which groups are likely to dump some bad Karma on you.

You can pick up some Karma from a group which existed in the past. Mind and attitude are important here and just reading about something wonít do much. If you study and have an affinity with a group from history such as the Cathars then you can expect a small piece of their Karma. Some members of historical re-enactment groups such as the Sealed Knot (English Civil War) have an affinity with the people and ideas of the period they cover and will thereby acquire some appropriate Karma.

By reviving and promoting ideas from a historical group, you not only buy some of the groupís Karma but also generate some new Karma for that group and yourself as if you were a group member.

It is possible that an affinity with a historical group could have arisen from past life experience and by picking up on the group in this life you are already working out group and personal Karma. This often emerges at an early age and is usually coupled with a desire to return the relevant earlier period of history.

A Study in Karma By Annie Besant

(Full Text)

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