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The Way you Tackle your Life

The Way Karma Tackles you

Posted 5/1/07


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Like a batsman coming out to play his innings (Cricket), you have a lot of choice about how you play the game of life. There are of course many things the batsman cannot control such a light, the state of the pitch, quality of bowling etc, but you can be sure the fielding side will adapt its game to match the way the innings is played.


The relationship between the way the individual faces up to life and his resultant Karma is similar to the relationship between the way a batsman plays his innings and the game played by the fielding side.


Of course the batsman can often invoke good Karma in the form of runs scored, favourable pitch, slack fielding and even free runs for wides along with the bad Karma of difficult bowlers and tight fielding.


Here are some example of how people may face down their life challenges and hypotheses about how their Karma will adapt to suit.


The Person with no agenda 


Lack of any real ambition and no strategy means Karma has to look for openings and will operate in ever decreasing circles but there will probably be some exceptional bits of good luck thrown in. “Just getting by” becomes the agenda in a “work to survive” life. Wasted opportunities manifest as limitations in future lives.


The person with a mission


If you really go for something then you will certainly invoke difficult Karma in the form of obstacles, limitations and frustrations. With specific goals and the effort to achieve them, these Karmic factors simply would not be able to kick in.  A positive attitude and firm goals should generate and invoke good Karma. Being focused will provide the inner strength to deal with problems and is a trait which may transfer to a future life.


The person who avoids challenge.


No escape, the challenge will just come round again with a bit more force. Some real problems may be stored up for a future life but in this one the threshold of difficult Karma will lower itself and probably present the end user will a succession of trivial problems which are seen as enormous.


The person who meets challenge head on


This person will probably meet the Karma they would meet anyway but at least it will be a once and for all challenge.


A “Can Do” attitude means that the resistance threshold to difficult Karma will rise and progressively more difficult Karma will be seen off.


The person who seeks out challenge


It you seek out difficult Karma then it will show up. Karma has to up its game to accommodate someone for whom triumphing over adversity is a life goal. Good Karma in the form of rewards will also be greater. Tenacity is a trait which will bring benefits in a future life.


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