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Theosophy and Evolution

The Seven Races of Man

We are the fifth of seven planned

reincarnations of the Human Race.

Posted 15/1/07


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Theosophy postulates seven human races of which we are the fifth and that these races are created on earth in sequence, with millennia when these races overlap. The theory is in sharp divergence with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. While he postulates an unbroken sequence of linear development from simpler to more complex or higher forms of life, Theosophy sees evolution as the impulse of conscious life to take on forms which fulfill its inner needs.


Theosophy believes that the first Root Race appeared on earth at a time when the planet was still in a formative stage. Called Etheric race, it comprised beings with subtler, more fluid and less dense bodies. The second race called Hyporborean, had loose knit, half human, watery bodies.


The third root race, known as Lemurian, is said to have inhabited a continent in what are now the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. This race is ancestral to the peoples who later occupied the continent of Africa and parts of Australasia, areas where the earliest human or humanoid remains have been found.

Theosophy also believes that certain great beings descended on earth and gave a spiritual impetus to the deepening of human consciousness. The fourth race has been called the Atlantean, a name derived from the celebrated lost continent of Atlantis to which Plato referred. The fifth root race is the Modern, this encompasses all the diversified peoples of the modern world.


The sixth and seventh races are yet to come, and their roles and cultures on this earth are still unknown. Each of the seven root races is said to have three representatives:


1.)       Manu-Progenitor or Archetypal man;


2.)       A Bodhisattva-Buddha to be or future enlightened one; and


3.) A Mahachohan-the title traditionally given to the head or apex of the inner cultural and spiritual development of a race.



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