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Are we due for a Market correction?



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Many involved in past in past life regression speak of previous lives which have taken place within living memory and of several lives spread over the previous centuries. I know of Theosophists who consider this to be the norm.


There is no guarantee that people are actually remembering their past lives. If you believe that those claiming to remember their past lives are just kidding themselves then there is no need to read any further. For those who accept past life regression, read on;


There is marked discrepancy between the modern ideas and those of H P Blavatsky who postulated 10 to 15 centuries between incarnations.


Why the Difference?


10 to 15 centuries may be the standard towards which everyone gravitated at a time when world population was a fraction of what it is now and incarnation vacancies were at a premium, but just look at how many people are in incarnation at the moment. Theosophical writings donít speculate on the number of Human Monads in existence but it is logical that the inter life period may be shortened to meet the demand. The situation is however modified slightly by the fact that in many parts of the world people are living longer and there are fewer infant deaths.


Working on the Cyclic rule that current trends never continue and history reaches a turning point causing similar situations to re-occur, ever increasing world population and its consequent problems may be something we have to go through as part of our karma and evolution. On the same principle, massive rises and falls in population may occur several times in our evolution.


H P Blavatsky predicted that our Root Race (current human form) will peak, go into decline and disappear as happens with all Root Races (modern man is the 5th of 7 Root Races. Science agrees that we will eventually become extinct but refers only to physical mankind. This should be a long way off although we seem to be in danger of bringing it nearer through the way we misuse our planet.


Of course a decrease in actual numbers on the planet does not necessarily mean we would be in decline but we may in that instance be gravitating toward a norm which draws us back to the 10 to 15 centuries between incarnations. Nature may have a few tricks up its sleeve to bring about this market correction even without our actions in the form of environmental damage.


People now living may see world population go into significant decline and just as there were several factors causing the increase in population, there will be several causes for its decline. You can probably draw up you own speculative list.


Nature will restore balance and the 10 to 15 centuries between incarnations is certainly one of the markers for that balance.


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