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The Consequences of

Ultra-Selfish Materialism

Posted 19/2/07


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In This Extract from Dialogue on the Mysteries of the Afterlife, H P Blavatsky describes what awaits the ultra-selfish materialist, with no belief beyond the physical world, in the After Death States;


“A selfish wicked Egoist, one who never shed a tear for anyone but himself, thus adding entire indifference for the whole world to his unbelief, must drop at the threshold of death his personality forever. This personality having no tendrils of sympathy for the world around, and hence nothing to hook on to the string of the Sutratma, every connection between the two is broken with last breath. There being no Devachan for such a materialists, the Sutratma will re-incarnate almost immediately.”

Here is a definition of Sutratman taken from H P Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary;

Sûtrâtman (Sk.). Lit., “the thread of spirit”; the immortal Ego, the Individuality which incarnates in men one life after the other, and upon which are strung, like beads on a string, his countless Personalities. The universal life-supporting air, Samashti prau; universal energy.


H P Blavatsky postulates that the ultra-selfish, having severed contact with their spiritual aspect, will lose access to the After Death States which are a period of learning and assimilation. They are therefore condemned to a cycle of eternal recurrence with nothing learned in each life with almost no prospect of breaking out of it. It seems that if you believe that this material world is all there is, then that appears to become true.


H P Blavatsky describes a less severe scenario, with some hope, for those who are simply materialist, likening wasted lives to sleeping though stops on a railway journey


“But those materialists who erred in nothing but their disbelief, will oversleep but one station. Moreover, the time will come when the ex-material perceive himself in the Eternity and perhaps repent that he lost even one day, or station, from the life eternal.”





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