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When Karma Becomes Personal

Small favours reap benefits from a General Fund

and there is a corresponding fund for the inconsiderate.

Big favours and serious harm are settled personally

Posted 24/2/07

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In his article Reincarnation, C W Leadbeater explains that we never function in isolation. Everything we do affects someone else for good or bad;


Man’s every action ends not with himself, but invariably affects others around him. In some cases this effect may be comparatively trivial, while in

others it may be of the most serious character. The trivial results, whether good or bad are simply small debits or credits in our account with Nature; but the greater effects, whether good or bad, make a personal account which is to be settled with the individual concerned.”

Leadbeater goes on to explain that personal favours are always worthwhile and doing harm will come back on you. Leadbeater postulates that the big things generate a level of Karma which has to be settled on a personal basis in the present or some future life. Theosophists term this a Karmic Account and as mentioned in my Posting;-Why not hold a Grudge?, if you fail to let things go then you can be locked into a tit for tat war of attrition from life to life. 

“A man who gives a meal to a hungry beggar, or cheers him by a kindly word, will receive the result of his good action as part of a kind of general fund of Nature’s benefits; but one who by some good action changes the whole current of another man’s life will assuredly have to meet that same man again in a future life, in order that he who has been benefited may have the opportunity of repaying the kindness that has been done to him.”


“One who causes annoyance to another will suffer proportionately for it somewhere, somehow, in the future, though he may never meet again the man whom he has troubled; but one who does serious harm to another, one who wrecks his life or retards his evolution, must certainly meet his victim again at some later point in the course of their

lives, so that he may have the opportunity, by kindly and self-sacrificing service, of counterbalancing the wrong which he has done. In short, large debts must be paid personally, but small ones go into the general fund.”


Reincarnation By C W Leadbeater  


Why not hold a grudge?

Theosophy has some dire warnings for Grudge Bearers

Posted 8/11/06



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