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Taking Theosophical ideas

into the 21st century


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Based on H P Blavatsky’s Theosophy

An Adaptation of the Eastern Esoteric Tradition

for Western Society


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The Buddhist Flag

Designed by Colonel H S Olcott in 1880

and still in use worldwide as a

universal symbol of Buddhism today.

Posted 11/3/07


Do Me a Favour

After I’m Dead,

Please Don’t Call Me Back

With a Séance

Being called back with a séance is like being

Knocked out of bed at four o’clock in the morning

To go down five flights of stairs in the freezing cold

in your pyjamas to answer the phone.

And when you pick the phone up you can’t hear anything.

Posted 14/3/07


Walter de la Mare’s Horseman

Here comes an Ascended Master


I heard a horseman

Ride over the hill;

The moon shone clear,

The night was still;

His helm was silver,

And pale was he;

And the horse he rode

Was of ivory.

The Horseman By Walter de la Mare

Posted 17/3/07


The Purpose of Experience

we are all painters living in the gallery of the

paintings we have already done, but which

we have not yet set entirely aside, because we

have not yet “got them right”, and obtained the

internal satisfaction which comes from the feeling

of unfoldment or expansion of some part of our life.”

From Natural Theosophy By Ernest Egerton Wood

Posted 19/3/07


facilis descensus Averno

easy is the descent to Avernus, for the door to the

underworld lies open both day and night.

But to retrace your steps and return to

the breezes above-- that's the task, that's the toil.”

Aeneid Book 6 Lines 126 -129

The significance of Aeneas’s visit to the underworld

Posted 27/3/07


The intended outcome is the



This is a disturbing mirror

image of Esoteric Thinking.


Jules Regis Debray turned the idea of

Revolution into an Esoteric Doctrine

and the ideal revolutionary into a warrior

monk who does not pursue material gain,

power or adhere to a political ideology.

His ideas have influenced South American

terrorist movements with some devastating effects.


H P Blavatsky was prepared to engage in armed struggle

against oppression when she fought as a partisan

alongside Garibaldi at the Battle of Mentana in 1867.

She also supported armed struggles by nationalist

groups in the Balkans during the 1870s.

Despite this participation in and support for

armed struggle, the development of H P Blavatsky’s

Esoteric Ideas were to leave a peaceful legacy.


This entry examines how H P Blavatsky

and Jules Regis Debray mirror each other with

one using Esoteric Thought for peace,

harmony and understanding while 

the other used it for conflict and violence.

Posted 28/3/07


The Court of the Crimson King

A Theosophical interpretation

of this King Crimson song

Posted 29/3/07


Energy withdrawal towards

the end of physical life.

The process of phasing out


You may bury my body down by the highway side

Baby, I don't care where you bury my body

when I'm dead and gone

You may bury my body, down by the highway side

So my old evil spirit can catch a Greyhound bus and ride.


From Me and the Devil Blues

by Robert Johnson

Posted 1/4/07


I’m desperate for a pint

But I haven’t got a body to drink it with

Your desire and mental body come with you into the

after death states so you won’t lose your cravings.

Not for a while anyway

Posted 2/4/07


What has Akasha ever done for us?

Posted 3/4/07



Our Physical Bodies are renewed

over a seven year period.

How is it that we can still

recognize ourselves in the mirror.

Posted 9/4/07


The Blavatsky Blogger’s

Instant Guide To

Death & The Afterlife


A Theosophical overview of

Death & the Afterlife

with links to relevant Blog Postings.

A Separate section regularly updated

Added to Blog 13/4/07


Evolution and Involution

(The Principle of the Shadowy Arc)

Posted 14/4/07


Neil from The Young Ones

Go easy on your Desire Principle

Look what happens when it gets damaged

Posted 20/4/07


A Brief History of Atoms

Posted 2/5/07


Is Jesus indicating the Law of Karma?

As he went along, he saw a man

blind from birth. His disciples asked

him “Rabbi, who sinned, this man

or his parents that he was born blind?

Nether this man nor his parents”

said Jesus “but this happened so that

the work of God might be displayed

in his life.

From John’s Gospel Chapter 9 verses 1 -3

Posted 18/5/07


See the mountains darken yonder

Black sun rising, time is running out

From Sinner by Judas Priest


In line with the cyclic nature of History,

we are knocked out of our complacency as a

period of calm and stability is swept away by

higher forces which we cannot control.

Posted 18/5/07


Feelgood Theosophy

Visit the Feelgood Lodge

Added to Blog 25/5/07


Iron Man

The Damaged Hero Now Ignored.

A Black Sabbath Song about

Karmic Retribution.

Posted 8/11/07


Trapped in purgatory

A lifeless object, alive

Awaiting reprisal

Death will be their acquisition

Raining Blood by Slayer from the Album Reign in Blood


A Dweller on the Threshold (past self)

waits on the lowest rung of the Astral Plane

to settle the account of a past life with a

current self which now hopes to make

spiritual progress.

Posted 25/11/07


Brain-imaging studies show

why addicts get no pleasure from

anything but their drug of choice.

Posted 26/11/07


High Drama & Worldwide Confusion

as Theosophy Cardiff Separates from the

Welsh Regional Association (Formed 1993)

If you move in Theosophy circles, then you will no doubt 

have heard, that in March 2008 Theosophy Cardiff 

separated from the Welsh Regional Association (Formed 1993).

Rumour and speculation have been running riot over this one and we’re still

being asked questions about it. We hope this page will answer them.

Link added to Blog 9/2/09



Mega Simplified Constitution of Man.

Added to this page 21/2/09



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