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Let’s hear it for Sanskrit

More than just a language

Posted 28/10/06


Elvis & Theosophy

Posted 29/10/06


Why not hold a grudge?

Theosophy has some dire warnings for Grudge Bearers

Posted 8/11/06


Belief in Reincarnation

Which outfits believe in it and which don’t

Posted 8/11/06


Calling up Past Lives

Pluses and Minuses

Posted 8/11/06


Theosophy & Avatara

Posted 9/11/06



Blavatsky & Virgil


Creating your own After-Death State

Blavatsky & Virgil

Posted 12/11/06



George Lansbury

Theosophist & Social Reformer


George Lansbury

Probably the only Theosophist to meet Hitler

His uncompromising Pacifism raises

some difficult questions for Theosophists

Posted 16/11/06


Family Karma

Don’t Read this if you are a Traditional Values Reactionary

Posted 17/11/06


Buy into a Group

Buy into its Karma

Posted 18/11/06


Cyclic Evolution Applied to History

The is no Utopia in The Secret Doctrine.

In Isis Unveiled, Utopian ideas are a non-starter.

Francis Fukuyama finished the 20th century

by claiming that history is over.

I bet he wishes he hadn’t

Posted 23/11/06


Theosophy & World Population

There are a lot of souls in

incarnation at the moment.

Are we due for a Market correction?

Posted 25/11/06


Can you call up learning from a past life?

You probably know more than you think you do

Posted 3/12/06


An Unlikely Student of Theosophy

Prince Felix Yussupov

 (Reputed murderer of Gregori Rasputin)

Relax! Yussupov was never a Theosophist

Posted 9/12/06



William Boyd  aka Hopalong Cassidy


William Boyd


Hopalong Cassidy 

As a Man Thinks, so he Becomes

Posted 10/12/06


Three Types of Group Karma

for the Modern Era

Posted 15/12/06


T S Eliot’s Hollow Men

Do we meet H P Blavatsky’s Soulless Beings?

"Shape without form and shade without color

Paralysed force, gesture without motion;”

Posted 15/12/06


The Thunder Speaks Sanskrit

In the concluding section of “The Waste Land”

Published in 1922 T S Eliot like H P Blavatsky

says that man must go back to the Ancient Wisdom

which predates modern formal religions.

Posted 16/12/06


“To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n.”

Satan puts his case in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Is he expressing the attachment to material gain and power

of someone trapped on the lower levels of the Astral Plane?

Posted 19/12/06





Redundancy of the Gods

Was Christ born at a time when there was a gap

in the market for a new religion?

H P Blavatsky suggests that existing religions

of the day were already in decline.

Posted 20/12/06


Our Physical Body

Servant or Master?

Shifting the Centre of Gravity from the Physical Body

to the Consciousness is a major empowerment.

In “Gods in Exile”, J J Van Der Leeuw goes further

by postulating that control of the Mental Body through

the imagination is essential in making our sure that

our Physical Body is our servant.

Posted 24/12/06


There’s always been an



Oswoldthwaite’s Mill

and there always will be.

Have you inherited something that isn’t yours?

Are inconvenient family traits, expectations

and traditions part of your current Karmic burden?

You can still put your needs first

Posted 26/12/06


Christianity gets the Contract

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities,

for there is no authority except that which God has established.

The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

(Romans 13: 1.  This is St Paul speaking)

Was this one of the clinchers that sold Christianity

to Roman Emperor Constantine, putting it on the road

to becoming the major religion of the West ?

Posted 26/12/06


Change Your Philosophy

Change Your Karma

Sounds like a good deal but there’s a catch,

you may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

You may open your Karmic pipeline and find your

Karmic overdraft being called in a bit too quickly

Posted 26/12/06


Spiritual Matters

Communication & Language

in English….I find but one word to express,

perhaps, twenty different ideas, in the Eastern

tongues, especially Sanskrit, there are twenty

words or more to render one idea in its

various shades of meaning.”

From H P Blavatsky’s Indian Metaphysics


H P Blavatsky explores the difficulties of discussing

Metaphysical ideas in a European language

Posted 27/12/06


H P Blavatsky Defends the Czar

After 1875 H P Blavatsky spent most of

her time promoting Theosophy.

However, during the 1877- 78 Russo – Turkish War

in the Balkans, the anti-Russian mood of the American

press prompted her to make a public defence

of the Czar’s foreign policy.

Posted 28/12/06   


Nature is Conquered by Obedience

Can you get Karma working for you?

Yes, But there’s no quick fix.

Posted 29/12/06


Carpe Diem

Seize the Day

Wasted Opportunities in this Life

Limitations Next Time Round.

Posted 29/12/06



The Occult Significance of pi

Posted 30/12/06


The Karma of an Occultist

When accused of fraud by Richard Hodgson in 1884,

H P Blavatsky reveals in a letter that she sees this

setback as Karma activated by the Path she has chosen

Posted 30/12/06


Making a Quicker Comeback

H P Blavatsky on shortening the period between lives

Posted 31/12/06


Laukika or Lokothra

Since the earliest days of Theosophical Society,

H P Blavatsky warned that acquiring Psychic powers

does not necessarily denote Spiritual Development.

Posted 1/1/07


Spiritual Progress in Devachan

The state of Devachan offers considerable possibilities

for spiritual progress but you need to think

about this before you get there.

H P Blavatsky gives some pointers

Posted 5/1/07


The Way you Tackle your Life

The Way Karma Tackles you

Posted 5/1/07


Man not Descended from the Apes
Posted 14/1/07


H P Blavatsky the Emanationist

Darwin postulated a blind force

which gets there in the end.

H P Blavatsky postulated a

Conscious Life Force,

which drives our progress

and knows where we’re going.



Theosophy and Evolution

The Seven Races of Man

We are the fifth of seven planned

reincarnations of the Human Race.

Posted 15/1/07


Did H P Blavatsky predict

The First World War

and Germany’s defeat ?


“The whole world is hushed in breathless expectation.

Not a wife or mother, but is haunted in her dreams

by the black and ominous storm-cloud that overhangs

the whole of Europe. The cloud is approaching”


“I read the fatal destiny upon the brow

of the flower of Europe's youth!”


 “He rises from his couch weaker and wearier than ever,

to see around him endless lines of troops armed with

a new and yet more murderous weapon of destruction –

ready for the battlefield.”


From Karmic Visions By H P Blavatsky 1888.

In this unusual saga, a victorious Frankish 10th century

Christian warrior king is cursed and reincarnated

to be king of his enemies and to suffer the misery

he has inflicted. He is now heir to the throne of

the German militarist state and given visions of defeat

by the Franks and other tribes in a horrendous war.

Posted 16/1/07


I shall not want Pipit in Heaven:

Madame Blavatsky will instruct me

In the Seven Sacred Trances;

From T S Eliot’s “ A Cooking Egg” Published 1920.

With wasted opportunities and his marriage

to childhood sweetheart Pipit having

burdened him with stultifying family Karma,

a failed intellectual turns to Esoteric Teachings

to regain control of his destiny.

Posted 19/1/07


Rethinking the Role of the Family

in Spiritual Evolution.

Time was, when being born into a family was

often like joining the crew under the command

of a captain who ran a very tight ship.

Family membership entailed obedience,

responsibilities and loyalty.

This structure is now rare in our society

and modern replacements are more fluid

and less clearly defined.

What has been lost and what benefits do the new

structures offer in the quest for Spiritual Growth ?

Posted 21/1/07


This is a School in which

no Pupil ever Fails

C W Leadbeater applied this optimistic statement to

the quest for spiritual perfection through the

cycle of death and rebirth, but there’s a catch.

You can only leave when you have qualified for the higher

examinations and in evolutionary terms this may mean

the equivalent of staying at school until you are 37.

Theosophy can get you out earlier.

Posted 28/1/07


The Earth Damaged by our Thoughts

A psychometrist can read the imprint left on a physical object

by the thoughts and emotions of those who have owned

or come into contact with it. Mankind’s thoughts and

emotions also leave an imprint on our planet.

Posted 29/1/07


H P Blavatsky on Dealing with Change

Comfort Zones are not the Answer

The main cause of pain lies in our perpetually seeking

the permanent in the impermanent, and not only seeking,

but acting as if we had already found the unchangeable

in a world of which the one certain quality we can

predicate is constant change


The idea of growth involves also the idea of disruption:

the inner being must continually burst through its

confining shell or encasement, and such a disruption

must also be accompanied by pain, not physical

but mental and intellectual.

From Spiritual Progress by H P Blavatsky

Posted 5/2/07


The Law of Periodicity

(AKA. Periodic Recurrence / Alternation)

Posted 5/2/07


Mantramic Quality

W Q Judge claims that certain phrases have an

inherent esoteric power and this can be true

in any language or culture

Posted 6/2/07


H P Blavatsky in the Vanguard of Environmentalism

In an 1891 article, H P Blavatsky expresses

concern about the destruction of the rain forests

and warns of global climate change

Posted 10/2/07


The Difficulties of Esoteric Study

for the Intellectually Dominated Mind

“book-learning, and here I refer only to the subject

of Occultism — vast as it may be, will always prove

insufficient even to the analytical mind—the most

accustomed to extract the quintessence of truth,

disseminated throughout thousands of contradictory

statements — unless supported by personal

experience and practice.”

From Occultism or Magic By H P Blavatsky

Posted 12/2/07


Purpose and Origins of

The Secret Doctrine

Posted 15/2/07


If We Have Lived Before

Why Can’t We Remember it?

Posted 17/2/07


The Consequences of

Ultra-Selfish Materialism

Posted 19/2/07


War in Heaven

An Integral Part of the

Evolution of the Cosmos

“and with ambitious aim

Against the Throne and Monarchy of God

Rais'd impious War in Heav'n and Battel proud

With vain attempt.  Him the Almighty Power

Hurld headlong flaming from th' Ethereal Skie

With hideous ruine and combustion down

To bottomless perdition, there to dwell

In Adamantine Chains and penal Fire,”

From Milton’s Paradise Lost


And there was war in heaven, Michael and

his angels fought against the dragon, and the

dragon and his angels fought back. But he was

not strong enough, and they lost their place in

heaven. The great dragon was hurled down –

that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan,

who leads the whole world astray. He was

hurled to the earth and his angels with him.

From Revelation Chapter 12 Verses 7 -9


H P Blavatsky explains why most religious traditions

have at least one war in heaven with some having several.

Posted 23/2/07


When Karma Becomes Personal

Small favours reap benefits from a General Fund

and there is a corresponding fund for the inconsiderate.

Big favours and serious harm are settled personally

Posted 24/2/07


The Theosophical View of Purgatory

Posted 7/3/07


Mindfulness and the Building

of the Medieval Cathedrals

Posted 9/3/07


The Priest and the Mystic

Vastly different roles and approaches but

both have their valid niche in the

spiritual development of humanity

Posted 9/3/07


The Problems of Communicating

Mystical Experience

“Of things physical we have certain definite knowledge,

summed up in the accurate measurement and observations,

and general mechanical art of modern science.

Beyond this domain, for mechanical science there is 'x';

for the ‘seeing” mystic there is not 'x', but an indefinite

series of phases of subtler and subtler sensations.”


“however keen a man’s subtler senses may be,….

he seems unable to convey his own immediate experience

clearly to a second person, unless, of course that second

person can “see” with the first.”

From As Above, So Below By G R S Mead.

Posted 10/3/07


Bismarck and the Occult

According to C W Leadbeater, H P Blavatsky

claimed that German chancellor Otto Von Bismarck

used occult practice to assist a Prussian victory

against France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870

Posted 10/3/07


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Surrey, England is to be sold to a developer


Many feel that the sale of a sanctuary for 

wildlife to a developer can only mean disaster

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Tekels Park despite its sale to a developer


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